For over 20 years, Thermaltake has been providing premium PC components to our customers around the world. We are excited to launch the new addition of the Thermaltake family: Liquid Cooling Gaming Systems (LCGS).

What is LCGS
LCGS is a new branch of Thermaltake that specializes in prebuilt and fully customizable gaming PC systems
Ready to go
LCGS uniquely provides prebuilt, ship-to-your door systems that are yours with the push of the “on” button. Any type of custom order, even liquid cooling, can be shipped right to your door.
Customizable Hardware
Using the LCGS configurator, you have the option to choose between different CPUs, motherboards, graphic cards, RAM, hard drives, and more.

When you purchase from LCGS, you can choose between all-in-one coolers or fully customized open loop cooling solutions.
At LCGS, customers can trust that our team of expert builders create and test each system without sacrificing quality; saving you time and effort.

Warranty Options
Each LCGS system comes with a one year warranty with additional extended warranty options.